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Antique York Multiplex Horn F/Eb/D/C 1907 RARE! Mellophone French Horn


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This is a very cool RARE York Multiplex Horn in beautiful condition!  The Serial #14966 indicates it was built in 1907.  The instrument was just professionally cleaned and received all new valve washers, water key pads, and received a complete pressure test to check for leaks.  

The instrument is capable of playing in the Keys of F/Eb/D (without any tuning slide changes) and the Key of C with the change to longer tuning slides. 

An original Multiplex advertisement from "The House of York" 1908-1909 instrument catalog has been attached for extra information on this unique horn!  Here is an excerpt regarding changing the key of the instrument:

"Let us explain, so that there may be no misunderstanding on the part of any one.  An examination of the accompanying cut reveals the fact that little or no change has been made in the general construction of the Horn as previously made in F.  Under the three piston valves will be noticed two rotary valves, each with its necessary complement of tubing.  By simply turning the first of these the instrument is pitched in Eb; by turning the second we have Horn in D, and by turning both we have what many makers have termed an impossibility--a Horn in C, suitable for song playing without transposition, made from an instrument originally pitched in F.  The valve slides must be drawn to the proper marks for Eb or D: for C the extra slides are to be used."

The instrument includes all of the tuning slides for the Key of C.  There are also a set of four tuning slide tube spacers that will fix the slides in place for the Key of Eb tuning mark.  Included are a cleaning rod and lyre.  The case is not original and the holders for the additional tuning slides are not ideal.  There is no hold-down for the #3 tuning slide, so it will be wrapped carefully for shipping.  DOES NOT INCLUDE A MOUTHPIECE.

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