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Clarinet & Flute Swabs


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Superslick Hanky Clarinet Swab cotton hankerchief style cloth has a weighted cord to make cleaning out your instrument easy. All you need to do is lower the cord through the clarinet and pull the cloth through the body to remove any excess moisture after playing. This protects both the wood and the keys to preserve the life of your clarinet. Suitable for all clarinets, COLORS MAY VARY FROM THOSE SHOWN IN PICTURE, PLEASE CONTACT US FOR AVAILABLE COLORS.

This absorbant Herco HE54 Cotton Flute Swab can be washed as necessary. In order to use the swab, you will need a cleaning rod (sold separately).

The Herco HE53 Clarinet Handkerchief Swab is the best system for cleaning a clarinet. Large white handkerchief with a sewn-in ribbon includes a metal weight.

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