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Selmer Alto Saxophone Mouthpieces


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The Selmer S80 C* & C** have achieved an unprecedented level of popularity and is widely regarded as the reference mouthpiece of today. They characterized by their very warm grained, broad and full toned sound.

The Selmer S90 C* can be considered the universal mouthpiece. Producing a very direct, homogeneous sound with great flexibility and suppleness, this balanced mouthpiece will meet the needs of both students and professionals alike. An efficient and responsive mouthpiece, it produces excellent high notes. Being stable and reliable, the S90 is naturally appropriate for all types of music: classical, contemporary, jazz, pop and so on.

Directly inspired by the legendary model made during the Fifties, The Soloist C* embodies all the qualities which originally made it so successful: a rich, easily modulated sound, it remains centred, homogeneous and warm across the spectrum of playing styles. It delivers a high degree of accuracy, particularly in the attack of the low notes and on the highest notes.
These qualities are particularly noted for their stability across all playing styles.

The Selmer Concept is the latest model in our firmly established line of mouthpieces. It combines Henri SELMER Paris legendary know-how with ultimate manufacturing technologies. This mouthpiece provides ease of playability, a rich tone and a great consistency. The innovative and refined design of the Concept perfectly illustrates the philosophy of Henri SELMER Paris. Since 1885, we have thrived to meet the requirements of each and every musician.

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