Boston Sax Shop Newbury Neck Strap - Medium Long


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The Newbury Street saxophone neck strap from the Boston Saxophone shop features a high level of detail in comfort and quality. Each and every strap is assembled and tested in Boston.

The Newbury strap is design to the contoured of your neck. Overtime the specially formulated foam cushion will mold to your neck for a truly custom fit. The strap also disperses weight evenly across the maximum amount of surface area on your neck resulting in less stress and more comfort.

Each Boston Sax Shop Neck Strap is made with two pieces of premium genuine leather; industrial strength, nickel plated brass grommets and clamps; 550 marbled paracord string; nickel plated brass hook with a Japanese made, military spec, abrasion resistant tubing to prevent wear.


- Medium: alto and soprano players

- Medium-Long: tenor players or those wishing to use the strap with both tenor and alto saxophones

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