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Etude American Hickory Snare Sticks

The Artifact Étude stick is the first of its kind in the orchestral percussion world. The conical hourglass shape of the bead, as well as the long taper, makes the Étude a very quick stick that does a ton of the work for you. The large surface area of the bead allows for smooth, easy rolls, while the unique shape makes articulation a breeze, even at softer dynamics. With the long taper and relatively large grip diameter, you're getting a well-balanced stick that encourages a comfortable grip and relaxed technique. This 100% solid American Hickory stick is also capable of producing some big sound out of the drum. When we first designed it, we started calling it "the étude stick" because of how flawlessly it performs in the full range of snare drum study. Perfect for étude and solo work including Delécluse, Tompkins, Wilcoxin, and Pratt. Excerpt wise, it's great for everything from Kijé to Scheherazade.

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