Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone - VINTAGE CONSIGNMENT


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This is a great playing Selmer Mark VI tenor saxophone, Serial #92,050, built in 1961. It just received an extremely thorough Complete Repad & Mechanical Overhaul by Carl Thacker of Carl's Pro Band, with MusicMedic tan leather pads and original Mark VI plastic screw-back resonators. The rebuild also includes all key fitting, precision tonehole leveling, new synthetic key corks/felts, fitting of neck & socket, extensive play testing and key height adjustment for optimal tone and projection.

 The lacquer has been stripped from the body and bell, and a small amount remains on the keywork.  The neck does not have a serial number marking but is a Mark VI neck and plays wonderfully on this tenor. The Low Eb guard foot has been resoldered. The neck socket was repaired (expertly) to correct an oversized slot that was enlarged at some point (see pics). The neck now fits the socket very well and is completely leak free.

Includes the original Selmer case which is in fair condition for it's age.  This instrument will also include a 1 Year Guarantee through Carl's Pro Band which covers all pads/corks/felts/adjustments for a year (excluding any shipping costs).

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